Oro Caffè

In 1987 Stefano Toppano started ORO Caffè, a company specialized in the roasting of high quality coffee. His wife Chiara De Nipoti, thanks to her exceptional tasting skills, tastes coffee from all over the world. She personally sets the taste of each blend produced and decides what to purchase.

In 2009 ORO Caffè moved to its new headquarters in Tavagnacco (UD), where, in addition to a brand new production facility, ORO Caffè founded the “School of Coffee” for the training of baristas. Also in 2009, the first ADORO CAFFÈ was opened to the public. This is part of the ADORO CAFÈ coffee shop chain developed by the company, both in Italy and abroad, with the aim of spreading the culture of Italian espresso and coffee.

The brand is exported to over 40 countries worldwide. In 2014, ORO Caffè opened the first foreign branch in Toronto (Canada) and, in 2019, a German branch in Munich. ORO Caffè is distributed in North and Eastern European countries, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, China and Malaysia.

The path of quality

What has always distinguished ORO Caffè is the attention to the research and selection as well as the care taken in the creation of fine coffee blends. The choice has always focused on coffee that has achieved the best ratings, whatever its origin.

The trusted roasting company of quality baristas and restaurateurs

The ORO Caffè roasting facility was founded over 30 arear ago with the aim of offering selected blends for a quality Espresso coffee that remains constant over time. Our quest continues today, through the search of the best coffees in the world with a roasting and blending to perfection. We now distribute our coffees and our taste in over 40 countries.


Tavagnacco is an Italian ‘comune’ (municipality) in the Province of Udine, itself in the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

The origins of Tavagnacco are attested, with certainty, from the Roman times. The ruins of a necropolis of the first century AD confirm the presence of a Roman colony and the existence of a communication route from Aquileia to Noricum (via Julia Augusta).

Tavagnacco is also known for the cultivation of asparagus. Since 1935 the “Asparagus Festival” has been held there every year.